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Customer Name, Arlene L

We were having problems with our toilet flushing. Perfect View Remodeling came over to inspect the flushmate system that we had installed some years ago,that was not working properly. When they inspected the system, pictures were taken to make sure that the system was equal. The office from Perfect View gave me a call and after some research,  found out that the system was still under warrantee, therefore it would be replaced with no charge to us. Well I was so pleased that they took the time to do the research that I hired them to make the replacement. It made me feel good to find a company that would go through so much effort to please their customer.I thank  Angie’s list for that. The plumber was fast and efficient, and was very helpful and polite.

Customer Name, Kim G.

“The owner, Louis, was prompt with his responses to my calls to set up the appointment. The technician, TJ, was professional, courteous, and helped resolve a surprise pipe issue we didn’t expect. We are very happy with their service.”

Customer Name, Greg W.

“Everything went great. They came on time, we’re professional, and got the job done right. I would use them again. I am going to call them to see if they are interested in giving me a proposal to add a pantry in our kitchen.”

Customer Name, Damian S.

“Lou was on time, professional and accommodating, tenants kept changing their availability and Lou worked with them to get the repairs done. After being given the run around by a plumbing company for over a month it was refreshing to have someone come in and just get it done. We didn’t have to wait a long time and it was all handled Quickly. Only minor gripe is that after the work was done the tenants informed me that the bath taps were leaking. I wish the plumber had noticed and asked if I’d like it repaired under the same call out fee – but I didn’t know and it wasn’t part of the work that I had discussed with Lou, so I have to give all A’s overall. I will use them for any plumbing or remodeling work I need to do in the future..”

Customer Name, Monte G.

“Louis spent a good half hour tuning up the toilet, all the while explaining the inner-workings of the various parts of the toilet. A nice benefit.”

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